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Adrian Peterson out for ‘revenge’ in season opener against Vikings

Look out. When New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson faces his former Minnesota Vikings in Week 1 next season, he’ll be out for “revenge.”

In a bit of happenstance that couldn’t have been more fortuitous for the NFL, the Vikings will host the Saints in one of two opening-week games on “Monday Night Football.” That means a national audience will get the opportunity to watch Peterson play against the team with which he spent his first 10 NFL seasons.

And to hear it from Peterson, the setup could not be more ideal.

“It’s going to be exciting,” Peterson said in interview for the Saints’ official site, via ESPN. “You know, it’s just ironic. When the schedule came out and I saw that, I was like, ‘Wow, this is meant to be.’ So many great memories down there in Minnesota. Great fan base. They supported me through everything, throughout my career, so just to embrace the love once I get there will be exciting.”

The 2017 regular-season schedule came out before Peterson signed a two-year deal with the Saints, so if that provided added incentive for Peterson to sign with the Saints is unknown. But the notion of revenge must have sweetened the pot to some extent.

Peterson’s former Vikings teammates said as much, too. Defensive lineman Brian Robison said Peterson would be out for revenge in the game. Fellow defensive lineman Everson Griffen, however, said how great it will be to finally wrap up Peterson and bring him to the ground after tackling the running back was a big no-no at practices and during training camp.

Peterson, however, is looking forward to making guys like Griffen eat their words.

“It’s going to be fun to go against those guys so I can let them know [when] I was doing that talking, telling them, ‘Hey, I’ll hit you guys for 150 or 200 yards,’ that I wasn’t just talking,” Peterson said. “They’ll see.”

In his decade with the Vikings, Peterson rushed for 11,747 yards and 97 touchdowns. That kind of productivity has Peterson’s new teammates (here and here) applauding his arrival, despite the 32-year-old’s injury-marred 2016 campaign.