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Longtime Raiders fan Ice Cube on move: ‘Happy for Vegas, sad for Oakland’

Ice Cube has been a part of Raiders lore going all the way back to the 1980s when he famously rocked the team’s gear as one of the leaders of seminal rap act N.W.A. But how does the longtime Raiders backer feel about the team’s move from Oakland to Las Vegas?

Ice Cube was in Sin City over the weekend for the draft in his Big3 basketball league, which boasts a 3-on-3 setup featuring former NBA stars. When asked for his impressions of the Raiders’ impending relocation, Ice Cube played both sides of the situation well.

“I was happy for Vegas, sad for Oakland. If the Raiders can’t come to L.A., the only town that I would would expect them to be in is Las Vegas,” Ice Cube said, via the Las Vegas Sun. When they came to Los Angeles in the early ’80s, it was exciting for the city. The city galvanized around the team, and that’s going to happen here in Las Vegas. I’ll be here, you know, being the president of the Raider Nation. I gotta go where my team go.

“I’ll be here cheering them on. The whole town is excited, and nothing brings a city together like a sports franchise.”

Ice Cube of course became the self-proclaimed leader of Raider Nation when the team was based in Los Angeles. He even produced a Raiders documentary for ESPN entitled, “Straight Outta L.A.” So it’s not surprising his affinity for the Raiders’ history in Oakland isn’t as strong as the residents of that region.

Ice Cubs went on to argue that Raiders fans will follow the team to Las Vegas, in spirit if not in body, adding Vegas is a perfect fit for the Raiders’ identity.

“They’re right up the Raiders Nation alley right here (in Las Vegas). If the team could go anywhere, this is the place,” Ice Cube said. “It just feels like the Raiders. Las Vegas is a town that is all about winning, and the Raiders are all about winning. It ain’t really about how you get there, it’s about becoming a champion.”