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LeBron James praises Isaiah Thomas for inspirational performance (vid)

Count LeBron James among those left in awe by Isaiah Thomas’ inspirational 53-point performance on Tuesday night.

Thomas’ epic performance in the Boston Celtics’ 129-119 Game 2 overtime victory over the Washington Wizards came on what would have been his sister’s 23rd birthday. Thomas’ sister died on April 15 in a car accident and the Celtics guard has been battling through the heartbreak and family trauma throughout the postseason.

James, whose Cleveland Cavaliers squad is also making a nice run in the playoffs, wanted to give a shoutout to his NBA superstar colleague.

“I think he’s very special,” James said at Wednesday’s shootaround, as transcribed by the Akron Beacon-Journal. “He’s a special guy, special talent, unique talent. And with yesterday being his sister’s birthday I believe that she was just looking down on him and giving him everything and more.

“There was no way he was going to get tired last night and I just felt that – and I saw watching the game – at no point was he going to get tired. I just think she was just looking down on him and just giving him any extra motivation, any little touch, any little spring. When you’re on the court that’s your sanctuary and that’s where you can kind of block everything out no matter what you’re going through in your individual life, block everything out because that’s your happy place, and it definitely showed for him in his individual performance.”

Thomas obviously is battling through some difficult things off the court. And the strain of it all could be plainly seen on his face and in his words during Tuesday’s post-game interviews.

The fact Thomas could up such an incredible performance given what he’s going through is nothing short of incredible.