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Jim Harbaugh recites ‘Gladiator’ monologue through Russell Crowe cutout (vid)

Jim Harbaugh continues to do Jim Harbaugh things during the Michigan Wolverines’ “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”-like trek through Italy. Harbaugh’s most recent foray into his patented brand of lovable goofiness involved reciting a section of Russell Crowe’s classic monologue from the film “Gladiator.”

The soliloquy was made that much better — not to mention apropos — due to the fact that Harbaugh performed the monologue whiel sticking his face through of a Maximus Decimus Meridius cutout.

Here’s video of Harbaugh getting his Maximus on, although the footage picks up about halfway through the speech.

As Jon Lovitz’s “Master Thespian” would have said on SNL: “ACTING!”

Now, to recap some of Harbaugh’s antics during Michigan’s sojourn in Italy. First, he presented Pope Francis with some Michigan swag during a visit to Vatican City.

He got scolded by mall security for tossing around the old pigskin.

And earlier on Friday, Harbaugh delighted — or terrorized — reporters by greeting them with an operatic performance of the “Figoro Aria” from “The Barber of Seville.”

And these are only but a few of the highlights of Harbaugh’s Griswoldian Italian Opus.

Jim Harbaugh: One of a kind. A man who attacks each day with an “Enthusiasm Unknown To Mankind,” his brilliant mantra.

Keep on keeping on, Coach Harbaugh.