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Jerry Jones colorfully explains why Cowboys didn’t trade up at draft

Jerry Jones has fostered a reputation of a wheeler and a dealer when it comes to the draft over the years. The Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager is also famous for the ability to turn an odd, yet colorful, phrase to explain himself.

Those two components of Jones’ personality collided when Jones explained why the Cowboys didn’t make any moves during Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Jones’ penchant for homespun witticisms and bizarre one-liners was on full display when explaining the lack of movement as he referred to an old cartoon featuring buzzards, of all things.

“It isn’t difficult,” Jones responded to a question whether it’s been hard to stay put in the first round, via The Dallas News. “As a matter of fact, if you have a little gambler in you then I can draw up a scenario where it is as much gambling to sit as it is to move. You know the old famous cartoon of the two buzzards sitting on a limb, and one looks at the other one and says, ‘Patience my a**, I’m going to kill something.’ Well that can get you in trouble.”

That kind of story helps explain in part why Jones’ daughter has banned him from social media.

Jones’ comment not surprisingly elicited laughter, but his tone turned more serious when explaining how being overly aggressive can cause long-term problems.

“Listen, that’s not hard to do,” he said. “When you’ve danced with it as much as I have and had some of the bruises, then you’re not just needing another thrill. You really want to just try to be as good as you can at that minute.”

The Cowboys, instead of behaving like a cartoon buzzard, stayed put at No. 28, selecting Michigan defensive end Taco Charlton. It marked the fourth consecutive season the Cowboys didn’t make any moves in the first round. Considering 19 of the 29 drafts Jones has overseen involved the Cowboys’ first-round draft pick, the trend is certainly going in the opposite direction.