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Deshaun Watson brought to tears at draft by letter from his mother (vid)

Deshaun Watson on Thursday night was selected as the 12th overall pick by the Houston Texans in the 2017 NFL Draft. An already emotional evening for the former Clemson quarterback became all that more heartwarming when he was presented with a letter from his mother Deann shortly after getting drafted.

Suffice to say, the heartfelt words expressed by his mother in the letter deeply moved Watson. And the backstory of his family’s experiences made his mother’s words resonate that much more.

The NFL posted video of Watson becoming overcome with emotion while reading the letter.

An excerpt from the touching note showcases the deep bond shared between Watson and his mother.

“I watched you play your first flag football game all the way to the last college game,” Deann Watson wrote. “To be here at the NFL draft and see you walk across the stage is a dream come true. I’m so proud of the man and the person you became.”

Watson’s mother battled cancer and eventually had her tongue surgically removed when Watson was a teenager, all while raising him and his three other siblings in the Atlanta suburbs.

Watson was brought to tears when he came to the closing passage of the letter.

“I wish you love, happiness and longtime success,” the letter read. “As I look back, we were not supposed to be here. In the words of Drake, we made it. Love, Mom.”

Watson made sure to make it clear to his mother he felt the same way.

“I love you, momma,” Watson said in reply. “We made it.”

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