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Browns fans pay tribute to ‘QB Factory of Sadness’ jersey at draft (pics)

The Cleveland Browns, despite a flurry of activity on Day 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft, declined to secure their latest quarterback of the future. The Browns of course have a troubling history when it comes to the quarterback position, so much so its fan base has taken to documenting the long-running futility on several fronts.

Perhaps the most famous documentation of the Browns’ so-called “QB Factory of Sadness” was an iconic jersey that was displayed for years in a downtown Cleveland storefront. Originally a Tim Couch jersey, the tragic totem mourned the fact that since 1999, the Browns have had an alarming 25 starting quarterbacks, listing each one down its back.

The jersey was ceremoniously retired last year in the wake of the Cavaliers’ NBA title, which evidently exorcised the demons of Cleveland’s longstanding “negative energy” when it came to sports.

Well, despite its retirement, Browns fans attending the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia on Thursday night paid tribute to the iconic jersey by donning approximate facsimiles of it.

Poor browns fans

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It’s good to see Browns fans still wallowing in gallows humor over their favorite team’s quarterback failures. Good for them, but perhaps not so great for the next victim of the Browns’ “QB Factory of Sadness.”

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