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Tom Hanks taking two-year ‘NFL moratorium’ when Raiders leave Oakland

Tom Hanks came out and bashed the NFL over the Raiders impending move out of Oakland to Las Vegas. In fact, the esteemed actor — born in Concord, Calif., about 20 miles outside of Oakland — is taking it quite personally.

Hanks, speaking at a San Francisco charity event this week, announced his plan to protest the Raiders’ ultimate move to Sin City by boycotting the NFL entirely for an extended period of time.

“When the Raiders leave, I am going on an NFL moratorium for two years,” Hanks said, via “You cannot take the Silver and Black, put them in an air-conditioned dome in the desert, make them play on artificial turf within a stone’s throw of the fountains of Caesar’s Palace, and call them the Raiders.”

But Hanks — who idolized Raiders icon Kenny Stabler as as a child — wasn’t done railing on the Raiders’ relocation just yet, as he went on to criticize how the NFL’s billionaire owners require public assistance to build their stadiums.

“Here’s the thing I don’t quite understand. And I’m not trying to — this isn’t one of the (many) causes I’m fighting for. I’m just thinking as a fan: It’s a billion-dollar industry, they have billion-dollar TV contracts,” Hanks said. “All the owners are billionaires. And yet when they want to build a stadium they’re going to use for 10 weeks out of the year, they expect the city taxpayers to buy the building.”

Hanks did attempt to find a slight silver lining to the bad news about the Raiders departing Oakland, though, pointing out the A’s may get their own ballpark out it.

Well, that’s at least something, but it hardly will serve as any comfort to the highly passionate and extremely loyal Raiders fans in the Bay Area.

Hanks’ scathing critique of everything he views as abhorrent about the Raiders’ move to Vegas certainly speaks for all the fans who feel betrayed by the organization. But hey, at least the Raiders made an insulting offer to current season-ticket holders, right?