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Kobe Bryant weighs in on Phil Jackson-Carmelo Anthony feud

If there’s one person who knows what Carmelo Anthony is going through in his troubled relationship with New York Knicks president Phil Jackson, it’s Kobe Bryant.

While the player-coach combo won five NBA titles, Bryant and Jackson famously butted heads at times during their time together with the Los Angeles Lakers. And now Anthony is going through a slightly similar ordeal with Jackson.

Bryant pointed to himself as an example that it hasn’t necessarily reached the point of no return for Anthony and Jackson, despite their relationship being in a perpetual downward cycle since the Zen Master took control of the Knicks.

When asked if the Anthony-Jackson relationship is doomed, Bryant said one only has to look at him for evidence that’s not necessarily the case.

“Not from what I’ve been through with Phil,’’ Bryant told The New York Post Wednesday. “Michael had his rough times with him as well. The history is you get through rough times after you win a good amount of championships. We certainly had our rocky times, but we still stuck to it, we figured out our way through it and came out better because of it. I think the most important thing is sticking to it, being patient. Sometimes things work out. Sometimes they don’t.”

Bryant, who recently said some interesting things about whether he misses basketball, says he and Jackson have remained close over the years. Jackson on Sunday was at the Tribecca Film Festival to attend the premiere of an animated movie based on Bryant’s poem “Dear Basketball.”

Jackson seemingly at every turn does things to further estrange himself from Anthony. The writing appeared to be on the wall as early as March — if not sooner — concerning the Knicks intent to turn the page on the Carmelo Anthony Era.

The awkward feud between Jackson and Anthony, one that began long before, festered throughout this past season. Jackson then all but conceded it was time for Anthony to move on after yet another disastrous and dysfunctional Knicks season.

But as Bryant himself put it, perhaps not all hope is lost.