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Joe Thomas: Johnny Manziel lacked commitment to be NFL QB

Joe Thomas spent two seasons as Johnny Manziel’s teammate with the Cleveland Browns. And from his perspective, Thomas believes Manziel’s lack of commitment combined with a prevalence of distractions was a setup for failure.

Thomas was asked about Manziel’s ill-fated NFL career during an appearance on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger.”

“I love Johnny, he’s a great person, he’s friendly, he’s a lot of fun,” Brown told Bensinger. “And I think that’s probably a big part of his struggles in the NFL is he has so many friends, he has so many people that want to be with him and want to hang out with him and that detracts from his focus on being a quarterback.

“And to be an NFL quarterback you have to be so obsessed and committed to the game that you almost have no time in your life for a little bit of family and the rest of it is being a quarterback. That’s a commitment that few people are willing to make … if you can’t have that level of commitment you can’t succeed in the NFL as a quarterback.”

Throughout Manziel’s troubled tenure with the Browns, Thomas was never afraid to speak his mind. At times Thomas was critical of Manziel but also came to his defense on other occasions as well.

Manziel, after a series of self-inflicted setbacks to his NFL career — each one seemingly more damaging than the last — seems to have turned himself around to some degree in recent weeks and months.

It certainly appears Manziel is committed to self-improvement in 2017 and leaving a history littered with missteps, mistakes and self-destructive behavior in the past.

Still, it’s amazing to think it was only three short years ago Manziel emerged on stage at the 2014 NFL Draft flashing his infamous “money” gesture. At that moment, Manziel was on top of the world. Now? He’s doing anything and everything he can to just get another shot in the NFL.