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Pro golfer Grayson Murray deletes creepy tweet to high schooler

Grayson Murray has cultivated a reputation of having a no-holds-barred and controversial approach to his activity on social media. In light of a creepy tweet issued by the professional golfer Wednesday night, the case can be made Murray simply should bar himself from using any social media platform for his own good.

Murray, 23, was responding to an inquiry regarding how everyone seems to “hate on” him on Twitter. Murray’s response to the tweet, which evidently came from a female high school student, was way out of bounds.

Murray must have recognized the egregious error and quickly deleted the tweet. But as the saying goes, nothing is really ever completely deleted on the Internet, as a screenshot was captured of the offending tweet.

“Idk but I hate the fact you are in high school. You are pretty,” Murray tweeted in the since-deleted post. The fan in question evidently a high schooler from Dallas, responded to Murray’s grossly inappropriate tweet with “Well thanks!” per the New York Post.

It’s worth noting Murray is the same guy who took to Twitter to ask a Playboy Playmate to caddie for him this year at the Masters Par-3 Contest.

For what it’s worth, Murray returned to Twitter Thursday morning, albeit with a focus on more acceptable matters and commentary.

Good call. But odds are Murray won’t escape warranted criticism for the offending tweet simply by acting like it never happened.