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Blues’ Twitter account slams fan for racist P.K. Subban tweet

The St. Louis Blues’ official Twitter account on Wednesday night called out a fan over a racist tweet about P.K. Subban, who made significant contributions to lead the Nashville Predators’ to a 4-3 win in Game 1 of the teams’ second-round playoff series.

Subban had a goal and two assists in Nashville’s victory, and it apparently drove one Blues fan to post an inappropriate comment about the defenseman.

The offending tweet, via a screenshot from Puck Daddy, which the Blues’ Twitter account was quick to condemn.

Instead of backing down, the fan doubled-down, accusing the Blues’ Twitter account of having no sense of humor.

While this kind of conduct is all too common on social media, the folks running the Blues’ Twitter account deserves credit for not allowing it to go by unnoticed and without a condemnatory response.

It merits noting that Subban unfortunately has had to deal with racist attitudes and abhorrent conduct from fans throughout his entire NHL career (more on that here and here). That fact makes the Blues’ quick response to the troglodytic tweet about Subban such a welcome action.