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Jim Harbaugh gives Pope Francis Michigan helmet, Jordans (vid)

Jim Harbaugh is currently leading the Michigan Wolverines football program through a tour of Rome. The highlight of the trip — at least for Harbaugh — has to be the opportunity to meet Pope Francis.

And the Wolverines made sure to leave something behind for Pope Francis to remember the day, as Harbaugh personally presented a Wolverines helmet during a Wednesday visit to Vatican City.

Here’s an overhead video of the exchange.

But the helmet wasn’t the only piece of Wolverines memorabilia the pontiff received from Harbaugh, as he also received a pair of Michigan-themed Jordans.

Harbaugh, a devout Catholic, couldn’t have been more thrilled with the honor of meeting Pope Francis.

Harbaugh has been eagerly anticipating the trip to Rome for months, primarily because of the chance he’d meet the Pope. In fact, Harbaugh in January mentioned how was hoping a “dream” of his would be realized during a visit to Vatican City. No word just yet if his wishes have been fulfilled.

Regardless, Harbaugh is cherishing every moment of the trip.

”It’s amazing,” he said. ”To have our whole team here, my family. Our team, the conversations that you have here – just learning from each other and experiencing all this together. It’s as good as it gets.”

Spoken like a man known for his unbridled “Enthusiasm Unknown To Mankind.”

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