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Video surfaces of man punching woman at Royals game (vid)

Video has surfaced of an altercation in the stands at Kauffman Stadium that culminated with a man punching a woman during Tuesday’s game between the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants.

The incident occurred in the seats along the first-base line. TMZ Sports uploaded video of the altercation.

The parties involved in the fight were named as Edmond Lee Stryker of Lexington, Mo., and Amy Lynn Blake of Riverside, per the Kansas City Police Department. Both individuals were cited for disorderly conduct. There’s been no official statement regarding what prompted the altercation, the TMZ report alleges Blake “spit several times and smacked” Styrker, which apparently provoked the punch in retaliation.


“There were two people that we know of that were involved that were cited at the game,” said Toby Cook, the Royals’ vice president of publicity, via the Kansas City Star. “They were both kicked out of the stadium. Now it’s a police matter and there is a court date in May.”

 Cook went on to downplay the significance of the incident.

“Unfortunately we do have fights that will happen in the stands and we get the police involved immediately,” Cook said. “It is rare. Most of our police-involved incidents at the stadium involve someone having too much alcohol. … It just doesn’t happen very often.”

Neither Styrker nor Blake were taken into custody, per the report.