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Donald Trump blasts photos depicting Patriots’ White House turnout

The New England Patriots on Wednesday paid a visit to the White House, as is the custom for reigning Super Bowl champions. A prevailing story line heading into the tradition was how several Patriots players would decline the invite in protest of Donald Trump (more on that here).

Trump on Thursday morning took to Twitter to blast the notion that his presence in the White House was the catalyst to so many no-shows.

The controversy stems from one prominent media outlet’s attempt to document the relative lack of turnout by players at the annual event on Twitter. But the Patriots, via their Twitter account, suggested the photos depicting the turnout “lacked context.”

The New York Times on Wednesday posted photos juxtaposing this year’s White House visit by the Patriots to the turnout in 2015 following their Super Bowl XLIX victory.

The context between the photos bears the implication that more Patriots players attended the event when Barack Obama was in office and declined due to Trump’s presidency. But the Patriots dismissed that notion on Twitter.

The Patriots later tweeted a photo portraying the team’s turnout in a tweet thanking Trump and the White House for being such gracious hosts.

Trump of course has strong ties to the Patriots organization, as both owner Robert Kraft and Tom Brady have been frequently noted by Trump as being friends. Brady did not attend Wednesday’s event, citing “family matters” which turned out to be his parents’ 48th wedding anniversary, which the Patriots quarterback alluded to Wednesday in an Instagram post.

The tally of Patriots players who visited the White House Wednesday numbered at 34. notes in a report that 27 players made the trek in 2005 while 36 showed up in 2004 following those respective Super Bowl victories.

The notion that sports teams have been confronted with politicizing a White House visit during Trump’s presidency has been a recurring theme since he took office (here and here). But in the end, it appears the Patriots were relatively well-represented in their White House visit this time around.