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Russell Westbrook again insists the basketball is his only friend

Russell Westbrook has doubled-down on his previous claim that comes playoff time, the basketball is his only friend.

“I think y’all misunderstood what I was saying,” Westbrook told reporters Tuesday at Thunder practice, via Ball Don’t Lie. “Y’all didn’t understand the importance of what I was saying. Y’all think it’s a joke or some (expletive). This is a serious thing. This is something that’s important.

“I think y’all think like, ‘Oh, you only have one friend. The basketball’s your only friend.’ Like, all these guys are my brothers. My teammates are my brothers. James (Harden) is a friend of mine. There’s other friends I have in the league. But. At the same time, when I get on the floor, this is the most important thing for me and just how I do what I needed to do, so it’s actually not a joke.”

Ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Game 1 tilt Sunday with with the Houston Rockets, Westbrook was asked if he had any plans on keeping in touch with longtime pal James Harden, given the two would be de facto enemy combatants in the team’s playoff series.

Westbrook made it clear he counts his only friend during the postseason to be “Spalding,” as in the basketball.

“When I get on the floor, I got one friend, and that’s the basketball,” Westbrook said Sunday at Game 1’s morning shootaround. “I’ve been like that since I was a little kid. My dad taught me that when I was younger.

“Once you get on the floor, you got one friend, and your friend is Spalding. At one time, maybe it was Wilson or maybe it was some other [expletive], Rock. Whatever the ball is, that’s who my friend is.”

Westbrook may be taking things a bit too far with his insistence that “Spalding” is his only friend. But given they guy is coming off a season where he averaged a triple-double and almost single-handedly led the Thunder to the postseason, whatever works to get him ready to play, right?The Thunder will try to even up the series with the Rockets with Game 2 Wednesday night at Toyota Center.