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J.J. Watt: Brother T.J. Watt ‘farther along than I was’ at his age

J.J. Watt offered up some high praise for T.J. Watt, saying his younger brother and fellow former Wisconsin Badger standout is “a lot better player than I was” at his age.

The Houston Texans superstar acknowledged while he and his younger brother share some similarities as football players, there are some differences between the two. But the elder Watt brother made the distinctions in mostly complimentary fashion.

“He’s so similar to me but he’s farther along than I was at that point in the process,” Watt said, via the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson. “He’s a lot better player than I was at that time. He has a lot more to grow even than I had. I think he’s a really special player and it’s been a lot of fun to watch him go through the process.

The younger Watt brother is being touted in several mock drafts as an late-first-to-early-second-round pick. The elder Watt, on the other hand, was the first-overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. To think that J.J. believes T.J. is “farther along” in his development obviously is a tremendous compliment.

The elder Watt may outrank his brother in height, length and strength, but their measurables from the NFL Scouting Combine bear some striking similarities, outside of a few instances.

J.J. Watt also pointed out how unique it is that the family will soon boast three players playing in the NFL, with T.J. set to join him and Derek, a fullback for the San Diego Chargers. The youngest Watt brother has been training with his older brothers as he sets to embark on his own professional football career.

“It’s such a unique and special bond that we get to have in that we’re all going through something that most kids kill to go through,” J.J. Watt said. “A family would kill to have one kid go through and we’re so fortunate to get three people to go through it. Same with Derek. It’s a lot of fun in those workouts because it’s three NFL athletes in the same family.”