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Jim Harbaugh vows to ‘keep an eye on’ baby named Harbaugh (pic)

Michigan Wolverines fans Gregg and Lani Fettig last year bestowed a very interesting name upon their newborn son in a tribute to Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of their beloved college football squad.

But no, the Fettises did not name their son Jim or James or anything like that. Instead, they actually named their son “Harbaugh,” as in his first name.

Harbaugh took to Twitter Tuesday morning to showcase the months-old birth announcement, which notes the little guy was born on Sept. 1, 2016.

Let’s just say if newborn Harbaugh Lee is anything like his namesake, he’s attacking the first year of his life with an “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind,” much like Harbaugh himself utilized his famous catchphrase on Twitter to confront an impending medical exam.

The notion of sports fans naming their offspring after beloved coaches or players is nothing new (see here and here). But Harbaugh is one interesting first name, although given the Fettises live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, most folks will know right away just who Harbaugh was named after.

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