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Rangers’ Joey Gallo avoiding social media to focus on baseball

Texas Rangers infielder Joey Gallo revealed recently that he plans to avoidTwitter and Instagram this season, suggesting social media distracts him from focusing on baseball.

Gallo, 23, obviously is a member of the millennial generation, so social media simply is something that’s an accepted part of life. But he made the decision to avoid it altogether for the 2017 season.

“This year, I kind of made a promise to myself that I just wanted to focus on the things that are in my life,” Gallo said during a recent appearance on 105.3 The Fan, as transcribed  “I deleted Twitter for right now. I deleted Instagram. I don’t read any of the articles anybody writes about me anymore because it’s just kind of noise.

“For me – everybody’s different – but I just like to show up to the field every day and focus on playing the game of baseball, and not making it a big event or anything more than that. Just go out and enjoy the game and try to win.

“I think the years past when I was up here, I kind of make the game a lot bigger than it was. I think media kind of had a little bit to do with that. So, that’s kind of one of the things I just wanted to do and see how I felt doing that. And so far, it’s been pretty nice.”

Technically speaking, Gallo didn’t actually delete his social media accounts, as both his Twitter and Instagram accounts remain live. He just decided to not be active on either of them. In fact, Gallo’s last tweet — beyond a few retweets — came last August.

Gallo appears more active on Instagram, though, but his last post came over a month ago.

Given the many pitfalls of social media and the frequency in which athletes find themselves in hot water over their activities on it, — not to mention the trolls and critics — Gallo probably believes avoiding it altogether can’t hurt.

For what it’s worth, the social media-free Gallo is slashing at .207/.343/.483 with two home runs and 9 RBI in nine games for the 4-5 Rangers.