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Mariners set order limit on concession hit toasted grasshoppers

The Seattle Mariners announced this week that there will now be an order limit imposed on the wildly popular toasted grasshoppers, a new concession item introduced this season at Safeco Field.

The toasted grasshoppers, called chapulines in Mexico, come from Poquitos, a Seattle restaurant which was called upon by concessionaire Centerplate to provide the edible insects.

The first three home games of the season saw the toasted grasshoppers sell out. Mariners spokeswoman Rebecca Hale says 901 orders of the toasted grasshoppers were sold during those games.

“We’ve sold roughly 18,000 grasshoppers,” Hale told ESPN. “That’s more than the restaurant [that runs the stand], Poquitos, sells in a year.”

The grasshoppers, toasted in a chile lime salt, are sold in four-ounce cups and sell for $4. But beginning with Friday night’s game against the Texas Rangers, only 312 orders will be available during any given game. It’s seemingly a rather arbitrary number, but that’s not the case. It is the career batting average of Mariners icon Edgar Martinez.

Despite the demand for the Mariners to roll out more edible insects concession items, the team has no intention of doing so, even with the unpredictable success of the toasted grasshoppers.

“We don’t have plans to expand that portion of the menu,” Hale said.

Well, that’s going to “bug” a lot of edible-insect fans, that’s for sure.