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Crikey! Aussie golfer navigates mob of kangaroos on hole (vids)

An Australian golfer was confronted with a novel “hazard” of sorts during a recent round when a mob of eastern grey kangaroos impeded his play on a hole.

But like a pro — and someone presumably familiar with close contact with ‘roos — the golfer calmly navigated his way around the hole while avoiding any unpleasant encounters in the process.

Greg Tannos on April 6 was playing a round of golf at St George’s Basin Country Club at Sanctuary Point in New South Wales in a region which boasts the fitting moniker of “Kangaroo Valley.”


Tannos noted the kangaroos frolicked around the green, hopped alongside golf carts and even stood while he putted. What noble — and evidently respectful — creatures.

The 18-hole course hosts over 300 kangaroos on site, so their presence isn’t that much a surprise. But still, quite the scene.

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