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Chance the Rapper concert may get bumped for Warriors playoff game

A concert from Chance the Rapper currently scheduled for April 26 at Oracle Arena may have to be rescheduled due to a Golden State Warriors playoff game on the calendar the same night.

It happens just about every spring come NBA and NHL playoff time: A concert from a big-time act has to be rescheduled due to a arena’s respective home team having a game on the same night.

Well, this postseason’s first casualty of an arena double-booking may be the aforementioned Chance the Rapper, whose Spring Tour 2017 lands in Oakland the same night as the Warriors’ currently scheduled Game 5 showdown with the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round.

The Warriors obviously are a heavy favorite to take care of business against the Blazers, so there’s a chance Game 5 might not be necessary should there be a sweep. But to suggest that as an inevitability obviously is foolish, as there’s no reason to think the Trail Blazers can’t win at least one of the series’ first four games.

Warriors PR issued the following statement to SB Nation about a contingency plan, should one be needed.

When booking concert events at the arena during a playoff run, we typically schedule contingency dates for that event. The Warriors will have the priority on April 26th.

A formal announcement for the Chance the Rapper show is in the works, pending that the show will be moved.

Arenas like Oracle cannot operate successfully without outside events beyond the the home team’s scheduled games. Beyond that, it’s understandable for arenas to want to fill the calendar with as many outside events as possible, whether on open dates during the regular season or otherwise.

Chance the Rapper’s tour does have open dates on April 25 and 28, so either of those dates could work should a Game 5 between the Warriors and Blazers be necessary.

And for what it’s worth, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State’s opponent in last year’s Finals, faced a similar situation last postseason, only that concert conundrum involved none other than bandwagon sports fan Justin Bieber. So there’s that.

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