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Fan involved in confrontation with Dolan: Knicks won’t let him renew tickets

The New York Knicks fan recently involved in a verbal confrontation with James Dolan has accused the organization of some questionable antics.

Mike Hamersky, the fan whose run-in with Dolan at Madison Square Garden before an April 4 game made for the latest in a series of embarrassing events for the organization, now claims the team is making it difficult to renew his partial-season-ticket package.

“If they’re revoking my tickets at least have the courtesy to tell me,’’ Hamersky told the New York Post.

Hamersky laid out how the Knicks are setting up roadblocks in his quest to renew his tickets as follows:

The deadline for keeping the same seats is Tuesday. Mike Hamersky told The Post his attempts were rebuffed when a Knicks phone agent put him on hold twice, then he got disconnected. The third time, after saying his name, he was hung up on.

Hamersky, a 35-year-old attorney from Astoria, said he earlier tried to renew online but claimed he was frozen out of his account. He also said he had not had any emails returned to him, and a call to his individual ticket agent went to voicemail.

The ugly incident that started the mess seemed to have been sparked when Hamersky, having a beer near the arena’s lobby, yelled, “Sell the team, Jim!”

Dolan allegedly confronted Hamersky, calling him an expletive. The Knicks owner addressed the incident afterward with Deadspin, during which he defended his actions.

“I did call him an (expletive) because he is an (expletive),” Dolan told the website.

The owner next attempted to ban Hamersky from the game and had him escorted out of the arena. But Hamersky evaded a tailing security guard and gained access to the game anyway.

A spokesperson for Dolan later released a statement regarding the incident, in which Hamersky is accused of being “out of line.”

The Knicks ought to have expected Hamersky to report his experience to the media, showcasing once again the Knicks organization’s pathological inability to get out of its own way..

Suffice to say, the perpetually dysfunctional Knicks’ nightmarish season — during which there were too many embarrassing incidents (here, for instance) — can’t come to an end quickly enough.