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Brandon Jacobs believes his Super Bowl XLII jersey was stolen

It’s likely of small consolation for Tom Brady, but there’s at least one other NFL player who may know what it’s like to have a prized piece of Super Bowl memorabilia taken from them. Just ask former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs.

The Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey saga has been one of the biggest stories post-Super Bowl LI, and for good reason. It was a convoluted incident that stretched back years and involved authorities from law enforcement agencies and the NFL’s own investigators.

But perhaps the most interesting development in the aftermath the saga is how it has inspired another Super Bowl champion to suspect he may have been victimized in a prized jersey theft as well.

As the events of the Brady jersey theft story played out — covered in remarkable detail in a longform piece for Sports Illustrated by Jenny Vrentas and Robert Klemko — Jacobs relayed how he believes a jersey from Super Bowl XLII jersey framed in his house isn’t the one he wore in the Giants’ 17-14 victory over the New England Patriots. This of course means Jacobs suspects the game-worn jersey was stolen.

Jacobs even mentioned as much on Twitter in the days after it was learned Brady’s jersey was stolen.

The SI report lays out how a memorabilia collector contacted Jacobs “two years ago” and stated his friend purchased Jacobs’ entire Super Bowl XLII game-worn uniform, allegedly from a Giants equipment manager.

Two years ago, however, [Jacobs] received an email from a collector who claimed to have Jacobs’s entire game-worn uniform–jersey, helmet, pants and thigh pads–which he said his friend purchased from a Giants equipment manager. The collector sent Jacobs pictures that appeared to match the grass stains and paint marks shown in game photos. Jacobs now believes the jersey hanging on his wall is not the one he actually wore in the Super Bowl, but rather the backup shirt that he never put on that day.

The Giants have declined comment, per the report, due to pending litigation, as laid out in a New York Daily News report.