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Noah Syndergaard ups ante in ‘feud’ with Mr. Met, flips off mascot (vid)

The biggest — and most entertaining — “feud” currently rocking the world of Major League Baseball involves New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard and his mascot foil, Mr. Met.

Well, the “animosity” between Syndergaard and the Mets mascot has been elevated and took an ugly turn Thursday when the pitcher, noticing Mr. Met in the audience at a press conference, gave his baseball-headed enemy the finger.

Syndergaard — among the best pro athlete wiseacres and provocateurs on social media — took to Twitter to document the crude gesture made in Mr. Met’s direction.

The nature of the tweet revolved around how the Mets pitcher is dealing with a blister on his right middle finger. The mild malady prompted Syndergaard to be pulled from the Mets’ 6-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves after pitching six innings and surrendering only five hits while striking out seven.

“Parents … cover your kids eyes on this one. The blister is right here and @Mr.Met needed to personally know,” Syndergaard wrote in the tweet.

A savage salute, to be sure.

The Syndergaard-Mr. Met social media “feud” was spawned when the two battled on Twitter a few weeks ago in a comical Valentine’s Day-themed back-and-forth. The hilarious Twitter war involved Mr. Met making mention of Syndergaard’s mother after the pitcher made a questionable comment about Mrs. Met.

And then on Opening Day, this happened.


It’s all abject silliness, to be sure. But with Syndergaard’s middle-finger salute, expect more skullduggery from these two goofballs in the future.