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Noah Syndergaard blows off blister: ‘They don’t have to amputate it’

Noah Syndergaard’s Opening Day start was cut short due to a blister on his right middle finger. And to hear it from the New York Mets ace, not only is he taking a pretty simplistic approach to dealing with the issue, there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm or concern going forward.

Syndergaard pitched well Monday before getting pulled — six innings of shutout ball while surrendering only five hits while striking out seven — in the team’s 6-0 win over the Atlanta Braves.

There nevertheless has been some semblance of consternation among Mets faithful over Syndergaard’s middle-finger malady, which is understandable given how the pitcher’s contributions will be critical to the team’s success this season. But the 24-year-old flamethrower attempted to temper any concerns by cracking wise about the issue.

“Blister’s good. They don’t have to amputate it. Yeah I’ll be ready to go on Sunday,” Syndergaard said, via the New York Post, adding the blister “popped” during the fifth inning and “that’s when it started irritating me. but other than that, it hasn’t bothered me at all.”

Moreover, it’s not like Syndergaard and Mets trainers are treating the issue more seriously than what it is: A blister. Syndergaard made that clear when discussing the treatment plan to deal with the blister.

“Just putting this fancy cream on it,” Syndergaard revealed Thursday, “that’s about it.”

Syndergaard obviously has a great sense of humor and his role as social media wiseacre and provocateur more than documents that much. And let’s just be grateful he didn’t showcase the blister to reporters in the same humorously crass manner as he did with his social media foil, Mr. Met.