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Mariners selling toasted grasshoppers at Safeco Field this season (pic)

The Seattle Mariners are turning the norms of traditional ballpark fare on its head with a new concession item surely to “bug” some fans coming to games.

That’s right, a new stand at Safeco Field will be selling toasted grasshoppers — known in Mexico, where they’re a tremendously popular snack, as “Chapulines” — will be selling cups of the critters at $4 a pop.

Centerplate, the entity in charge of Safeco’s concessions, has enlisted the services of Seattle eatery Poquitos to roll out the concession item.

“They are a one-of-a-kind snack that the fans will really love — either on a taco or on their own,” said Steve Dominguez, Centerplate general manager at Safeco Field, via ESPN. “It’s a testament to our relationship with the Mariners to be bold and creative with bringing in new local partners that really embody the Seattle culinary scene.”

The Mariners deserve credit for thinking outside the box with the toasted grasshoppers, even if the team doesn’t think it will be a huge seller.

“We don’t expect to sell a lot of them, but it’s a fun thing to offer and it’s an authentic,” Mariners spokesperson Rebecca Hale said.

Fair enough. But hey, they’re gluten-free and tossed in chili lime salt, so that’s … something.