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A-Rod gets a laugh out of shot from Frank the frustrated Mets fan (vid)

Frank, the New York Mets fan whose meltdown over mass transit earlier this week made him an Internet sensation, is clearly enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

Frank made an appearance on Wednesday’s FOX Sports 1 MLB pregame show and couldn’t help but take a pot shot at Alex Rodriguez, who clearly didn’t mind the ribbing.

Being a Mets fan, Frank obviously has no love for A-Rod. And he made the point that few things made him happier than watching the retired New York Yankees slugger fail at the plate.

Rodriguez deserves kudos for laughing off the barb, although to take offense to Frank’s commentary wouldn’t have jibed with the new and improved, humble and more accessible version of A-Rod we now know. Rodriguez’s budding romance with Jennifer Lopez can’t hurt with lending to a sunnier disposition, either.

Frank, on the other hand, is well-served by maintaining the cantankerous, mad-as-hell-and-can’t-take-it-anymore candor. After all, it’s what made him famous in the first place. Here’s Frank having his mesmerizing meltdown over transit delays at Penn Station in Manhattan on Monday that delayed his arrival at Citi Field for Opening Day.

Now that spectacle merits a chuckle or two as well. Obviously.

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