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Report: John Elway wasn’t sure Tony Romo was ‘all-in’ on Super Bowl pursuit

Tony Romo said on Tuesday he is ” about 99 percent” sure he’s done playing football after taking the job as lead NFL game analyst with CBS. Endless speculation beforehand forwarded the notion the Denver Broncos may have been a good fit for Romo had he continued his career.

But a recent report suggests Broncos boss John Elway was hesitant to bring Romo aboard due to his concern the quarterback wasn’t “all-in” on pursuing a Super Bowl championship.

Mike Klis of Denver’s KUSA-TV reports the Broncos backed off any interest in bringing in Romo in any way about four weeks ago after Elway wasn’t sold on the quarterback’s “commitment.”

The Broncos’ plan all along concerning Romo was seemingly to wait things out until the Cowboys released him. But it appears Denver soured on any notion of bringing in Romo regardless of method, per Klis.

“One of the conditions was that Romo was all-in on the pursuit of a Super Bowl to kind of cap his career,” Klis told NFL Network’s Will Selva on Tuesday, via

Klis also suggested Romo’s flirtation with getting into broadcasting further convinced Elway — who said recently the team would move forward with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch — to avoid making a run at the veteran signal-caller.

“I think Elway wasn’t sure how committed Tony Romo was to that all-consuming quest that he wanted from his quarterback,” Klis continued. “I think that had a big part of why Elway backed off of Tony Romo a few weeks ago.”

It’s certainly interesting to hear that Elway possibly saw a perceived lack of commitment out of Romo. Although it’s conceivable Romo’s passion for going all-in on a quest to win a Super Bowl may have been tempered by the fact teams like the Broncos were reluctant to make a deal for him in the first place.