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Madison Bumgarner won’t give Opening Day bat to Hall of Fame

Madison Bumgarner, already well-known for his prowess at the plate, made Major League Baseball history on Sunday by, becoming the first pitcher ever to homer twice on Opening Day.

Not surprisingly, the Baseball Hall of Fame expressed interest in obtaining the bat the San Francisco Giants pitcher used to go yard against Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers Zack Greinke and Andrew Chafin. But MadBum, who has a bit of a rebellious, non-conformity streak to his nature, declined.

According to a report from The Mercury News’ Andrew Baggarly, Bumgarner opted instead to keep the prized piece of lumber for himself, even though he claims not to be much into keeping memorabilia of a personal nature.

“He’s said he’s taking it out of commission, fearing it might disappear if he doesn’t put it in a guarded place,” Baggarly wrote.

Bumgarner appears to be exhibiting a bit of paranoia over the safety of his homer bat. But if the Hall of Fame covets it, it stands to reason others would love to get their hands on it, too.

The Giants slugging pitcher has been using the same 34 ½-inch, 33 ½-ounce Marucci model since 2014. It seems to be serving Bumgarner well, as he’s mashed 14 taters since putting that particular model of bat into commission.

Bumgarner presumably meant no disrespect to Cooperstown with his denial of the Hall’s request. It’s just seems he feels it’s best if he handled the security of the history-making bat.

And hey, Bumgarner did give the Hall of Fame his batting helmet from Sunday’s game. That should count for something.

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