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Braves, Allen Iverson spoof infamous practice rant for parking PSA (vid)

The Atlanta Braves have moved out of downtown and will call SunTrust Park in the suburbs its new home starting this season. While the ballpark is receiving rave reviews overall, there has been some griping about issues with traffic and parking at the new stadium.

In order to quell any worries that SunTrust Park lacks the necessary parking to accommodate fans descending upon the new location, the team employed the services of longtime Braves fan Allen Iverson for a great spoof of the NBA icon’s infamous “practice” rant.

Iverson appears in a video tweeted out by the Braves Tuesday in which he’s confronted by reporters at a press conference over the purported parking woes. This of course sets the stage for Iverson to riff on his classic rant.

“Parking? The best franchise in all baseball and we’re in here talking about parking,” Iverson bemoans.

As Iverson continues to be pressed by reporters over the so-called parking issue, he becomes incredulously perplexed over the notion that everyone is “worried about … parking. Not the game, but parking?”

Solid stuff, to be sure. Although it warrants mentioning that parking apparently could present something of an issue. So much so, in fact, that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently published an article entitled, “SunTrust Park: Your guide to stress-free parking for a Braves game” to help alleviate fan concern.

For what it’s worth, Iverson does note in the comical PSA that SunTrust Park has nearly 14,000 parking spaces, so that’s nice.

The Braves will officially christen their new ballpark at the team’s home opener on April 14 against the San Diego Padres.