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Shaq ‘rages’ after LeBron passes him on all-time scoring list (vid)

LeBron James on Thursday night surpassed Shaquille O’Neal on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. And Shaq isn’t one bit happy about it …. or at least a funny bit from the NBA on TNT crew wanted to portray it as such.

With his 24th point in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 99-93 loss to the Chicago Bulls, James now ranks seventh on the list, eclipsing the  28,596 points O’Neal scored over his 19-year career. Even more impressive? James accomplished the feat in only his 14th season.

O’Neal was of course classy and cordial on-air, congratulating James on the career accomplishment.

But behind the scenes? Not so much. In an amusing sequence, Shaq’s “true feelings” were exposed while interacting with Dennis Scott, as the Big Aristotle went all “HULK SMASH!!!” as he trashed the backstage area of the “Inside the NBA” set.

Shaq, using a broom as an improvised weapon, bashed stuff, random items were thrown and general mayhem ensued, culminating with Shaq swatting a photograph of James out of Scott’s hand.

Good stuff. Let’s be honest, though. Despite the silly nature of his so-called “meltdown,” deep inside, Shaq probably is pretty mad about it.

Still, props to Shaq for having such a great sense of humor about being bumped down the all-time scoring list. But what would you expect out of a person known for being so gracious with gratuities, right?

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