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Michael Bennett on Richard Sherman trade talk: ‘I can’t see him leaving’

Count Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett among the contingent convinced Richard Sherman isn’t going anywhere, despite recent trade rumors.

Bennett just can’t see how the Seahawks would allow a player of Sherman’s caliber depart, barring some kind of mind-blowing mega-deal. Bennett used the words, “invaluable,” “great leader” and “competitor” to laud his teammate’s many qualities.

“I can’t see him leaving,” Bennett said during an interview airing Friday on SportsCenter. “I think he’s a staple in the community. He does everything you need to do. I think he’s a great player. And I can’t see our organization losing a talent like that — on and off the field leadership. I think Sherm is one of the best corners to play the game. If you look at his statistics, there hasn’t been a guy that’s had that many interceptions in a short span of his career.

“I think he’s a great player, and I don’t think that we would ever trade him. I don’t think that there’s anything they could trade for him unless it was like three first-round picks or something. You don’t lose a guy like that — a guy that shuts down half of the field, a guy like that. He shuts every receiver down.”

Sherman has two seasons remaining on his deal that include cap hits of $13.6 million and 13.2 million.

When trade rumors surrounding him arose last week, Sherman said he laughed them off. But the star corner took a more pragmatic tone this week in the wake of recent developments.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll acknowledged the team is fielding offers for Sherman, although both don’t envision a deal actually occurring.

One unnamed Seahawks player, like Bennett, scoffed at the notion of the Seahawks ever dealing Sherman, saying, “Unless they [Seahawks] want this run to be over with, you wouldn’t entertain the thought of trading Sherm.”

In other words, no one involved — from Sherman himself to teammates to Seahawks brass — appear in favor of Sherman leaving the team. But that doesn’t it mean it won’t happen, even if it is a long shot.