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Joe Maddon has ‘X-rated’ slogan for leadoff hitter Kyle Schwarber?

Joe Maddon is a man who loves his slogans. From his “Try Not To Suck” and “If You Think You Look Hot, Wear It” catchphrases from last year’s magical season, the eccentric and eminently quotable Chicago Cubs skipper is back at it again in 2017.

But Maddon’s most recent addition to a litany of memorable mantras evidently isn’t suitable for all audiences, so says the manager himself.

The new slogan involves the Cubs’ new leadoff hitter, Kyle Schwarber. Unlike the “You go, we go” line Maddon used with Dexter Fowler, the team’s previous leadoff bat, Schwarber’s slogan evidently is for adult ears only.

“I have something, but it’s slightly X-rated, so I can’t tell you guys,” Maddon told the media Thursday, via the Chicago Tribune. “It’s not slightly X-rated. It’s totally X-rated, so I can’t publicly disclose.

“That would sell on a T-shirt.”

Given Maddon’s affinity for printing his slogans on t-shirts (here and here), that makes a lot of sense.

Maddon did reveal that Schwarber’s slogan has something to do with the eyes, whatever that means.

So, in summary, in addition to the Cubs’ official 2017 mantra, “That’s Cub,” Maddon has another one for Schwarber that may never be known. And perhaps that’s the safest course of action, all things considered.