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MLB partners with Jessica Alba company on team diaper line (pics)

Major League Baseball has partnered with the Jessica Alba-fronted Honest Company to create a line of team-themed diapers.

“As a family-oriented company, MLB was a very natural fit for us,” Honest Company co-founder Alba said in a press release issued this week. “Families are at the core of the MLB fan base and through this collaboration, we are able to give families more ways to support the teams they love.”

The line, called “Born a Fan,” will be sold at Target and are at least at this point limited to only six select MLB-team prints: Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs.

“It’s so much fun to be able to get creative with something that is not normally seen as fashionable,” Alba added. “We get to be fashion-forward and I know something as small as a fun diaper print brings a little joy to what otherwise could be a pretty mundane task.”

While the assumption is that fans of the respective MLB teams featured in the diaper line would be the consumers targeted, doesn’t it make more sense for fans who don’t like these teams to buy them? After all, given the nature of diapers, wouldn’t say, a Yankees fan relish the chance to have their child make a mess of a diaper bearing Red Sox logos, or vice versa? Something to think about.