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Current Raiders season-ticket holders can reserve seat in Vegas for $100

The Raiders have made the curious move of notifying current season ticket holders in Oakland the opportunity to reserve a seat in the team’s yet-to-be-constructed Las Vegas stadium for $100.

Mere days after the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas was overwhelmingly approved by NFL owners, a notice was posted on the team’s new stadium site alerting current season-ticket holders of the arguably insulting offer.

While the details regarding the process for the sale of Personal Seat Licenses (PSL’s) and Raiders season tickets at the new Las Vegas stadium are being finalized, current season ticket members who place a deposit by September 1, 2017 and whose accounts remain in good standing as long as the Raiders play in Oakland will receive a special opportunity to purchase seats at the new Las Vegas stadium.

The new Las Vegas stadium, the “Frequently Asked Questions” portion of the page reads, “is currently anticipated to open for the 2020 NFL season.”

Beyond next season, when the Raiders will play at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum — presumably in front of incredibly unhappy fans — there is no firm plan in place detailing exactly where the Raiders will play in subsequent seasons before construction of the stadium in Vegas is completed.

Reports suggest there are several options available should the Raiders decide to opt out of their lease in Oakland ahead of 2020. But one thing has been made clear by the powers-that-be in Oakland: It’s preferred that the Raiders leave Oakland sooner rather than later.

Practicality issues aside, including travel and the like, the notion that Raiders fans in the Oakland area would want to plunk down $100 for the chance to support the team that betrayed them by skipping town and jetting off to Sin City seems patently absurd.

That alone makes the Raiders’ decision to make such an offer so categorically tone deaf, almost to a pathologically insulting level.

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