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Jerry Jones on Ezekiel Elliott parade incident: ‘Unfortunate and not good’

The Dallas Cowboys organization collectively is remaining tight-lipped about Ezkiel Elliott’s antics at a St. Patrick’s Day parade earlier this month where he pulled down a woman’s top, exposing her breast.

Cowboys personnel have generally deferred to Jerry Jones, but even he refused to say anything substantive about the incident.

“There is not much that I want to say other than that was unfortunate and not good,” Jones said, via The Dallas Morning News. “It wouldn’t be the right emphasis one way or the other to get into any communications or dialogue since that happened.”

Jones, when asked if there has been dialogue, said, “Again, that wouldn’t be the right emphasis to imply. I wouldn’t want to say on communication, but I’m aware of the incident and I’m aware of the criticism.”

Jones’ comments echo earlier statements from Cowboys brass, including executive vice president Stephen Jones, who on Sunday said, “Not commenting. Jerry’s commenting.”

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett not surprisingly was also asked Tuesday about the Elliott controversy.

“I don’t get into that situation with Zeke right now,” he said.

Jerry Jones, shortly after Garrett’s comments, revealed little regarding the situation.

“I don’t want to over or underemphasize what I’m doing, if anything, relative to that incident,” he said.

Countless, pundits, insiders and players — both current and former — have been critical of Elliott for his conduct. Elliott undoubtedly is a tremendously talented player with a bright NFL future ahead of him. But continuing this kind of behavior and the ensuing fallouts from them could put all that potential in some serious jeopardy.

Making an already bad situation much worse, Elliott remains under NFL investigation for allegations of abuse by an ex-girlfriend last year.

The fact the Cowboys are avoiding discussing the incident and potential consequences isn’t surprising. But at some point the team will have no choice but to confront the issue head on, especially when the NFL comes calling and potentially metes out a punishment.