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Roger Goodell ‘fine’ with Donald Trump’s comments on Colin Kaepernick

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell attempted to keep the league above the political fray by indicating he’s fine with Donald Trump’s recent comments about Colin Kaepernick.

The commissioner, appearing on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike,” said Trump has the right to express his opinions.

“That’s a comment that he’s going to make and that’s fine,” Goodell said, via Pro Football Talk.

Kaepernick has long been a target of Trump’s, going back to last season when the quarterback started kneeling during the national anthem. On the campaign trail at the time, Trump harshly criticized Kaepernick over the quarterback’s anthem protests, saying Kaepernick “should find a country that works better for him,” among other things.

Earlier this week, Trump beamed during a speech over reports NFL teams are hesitant to sign Kaepernick due to the risk he’ll target them. Although it warrants mentioning Colin Kaepernick may have gotten the last laugh in their mostly one-sided feud.

Regardless of the nature of Kaepernick’s continued unemployment, Goodell suggested teams will do what’s best for them, irrespective of comments from Trump or any others.

“Our teams are out there working hard to figure out how they can improve each of their clubs,” Goodell said. They’re making the best decisions they can. And they’re going to do what they can to improve their teams and win. That’s what they want to do for the fans. So that’s what they’re focused on and that’s what we’re focused on. Everyone’s going to make other comments, and obviously we’re respectful of those comments, particularly from the president.”

Despite all the controversy surrounding Kaepernick, it is arguably surprising he hasn’t been able to find a team. While it’s indisputable that Kaepernick brings some semblance of baggage, he remains a quarterback of some talent. This is especially true when comparing him to other underwhelming free agent signal-callers who have found jobs this offseason.