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Reds pitcher Raisel Iglesias hurts elbow, hip in shower fall

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Raisel Iglesias may miss Opening Day as a result of two injuries which were suffered while taking a shower.

Originally, Reds manager Bryan Price wouldn’t divulge to reporters the nature of Iglesias’ hip and elbow issues, simply stating the injuries, were “sustained at home.” But Iglesias late revealed that he sustained the injuries after slipping in the shower.

Good grief.

An MRI showed a bone bruise in Iglesias’ right elbow, but no structural damage, per a report from’s C. Trent Rosencrans.

Iglesias hasn’t pitched in a spring training game since March 14. He is expected to start a throwing program on Sunday, yet his Opening Day availability remains a question mark.

It sounds like Iglesias thankfully will be no worse for wear in the long run. But slipping in the shower? That’s a tough break. And why is it that baseball players are overwhelmingly the most likely athletes to suffer bizarre injuries? It’s patently absurd, quite frankly.

To prove the above assertion, here’s but a small sampling of the myriad and odd ways major leaguers have suffered injuries and missed time: Sneezing, making a sandwich, stepping on a cactus, ingrown hair turning into ghastly skin infection, too-tight dress shoes, clam chowder, getting out of car, prying apart frozen hamburgers and a mattress that was too soft.

Again, that’s only a small sampling. At least Iglesias can take solace in the knowledge he isn’t the first ballplayer to suffer an injury in such a weird way … and he most certainly won’t be the last, either.

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