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Fan wears burned LeBron James jersey to Cavs-Nuggets game (vid)

An NBA fan who perhaps once harbored a grudge over LeBron James’ desertion from the Cleveland Cavaliers curiously donned a partially burned James jersey.

The fan received some air time on the jumbotron during the Cavs’ visit to Pepsi Center Wednesday night for a showdown with the Denver Nuggets.

What made the fan’s choice of attire so perplexing, though, was he also had a sign praising the Cavs superstar. And that’s not the only thing confusing about the situation.

Burning James’ jersey in protest of his decision to join the Miami Heat of course was all the rage in 2010 in the aftermath of  “The Decision,” the universally panned ESPN special where James made his momentous announcement that he was taking his talents to South Beach.

Concerning the curiousness of the entire scene, not only was the fan’s pro-James sign seemingly inconsistent with the inferred message, the burned gold Cavs jersey weren’t  introduced by the team until 2012, well after James’ departure. This means the guy presumably burned the jersey well after the fact or something.

In other words, what gives? Did the guy burn the jersey — years afterward — hold onto it and then decide to start wearing it again once James made his celebrated return to The Land?

Who knows? Weird stuff either way.

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