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NFL developing ‘educational training video’ for player celebrations

Excessive player celebrations were a major point of discussion, not to mention contention, throughout the 2016 NFL season. It appears the league is attempting to address the issue and the inconsistencies associated with the arguably arbitrary nature of what’s flagged as excessive and what is not.

The NFL is holding Competition Committee meetings this week in Phoenix, Ariz., and among the items on the agenda is an examination of said issue.

NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent revealed on Twitter the league is “developing an educational training video” to help players differentiate between a celebration that will draw a flag and one that won’t.

Training videos of course are part and parcel of many workplace environments. But it’s nevertheless interesting the NFL is putting one together to lay out what kind of celebrations will be deemed excessive. Interestingly, one NFL player last season argued his teammate is unfairly targeted for excessive celebrations. So, in a way, it’s a matter of consistent enforcement, not clarified policy.

Still, the so-called training video arguably is a step in the right direction. But the same can be said about the NFL’s attempt last offseason to clarify the rules concerning what is and isn’t a catch (which included a video as well).

But as noted, the effectiveness of instituting clarifications will come down to how celebrations, regardless of nature, are interpreted by game officials in real time as opposed to the policies themselves.

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