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Jim Harbaugh claims to work out in his patented khakis

Jim Harbaugh’s affinity for regular old khakis of course is well-documented. But who knew that the Michigan Wolverines head football coach is so devoted to said no-nonsense style of slacks that he wears them during activities arguably not suitable for such a style of pants?

Harbaugh recently sat down for an interview with GQ, and given the stylistic, fashion-centric bent to that particular men’s periodical, it’s hardly surprising the topic of khakis came up during the discussion. Stunningly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Harbaugh claims to work out in khakis.

One of those objects of fascination is your wardrobe. We declared in our last issue that pleated pants are back in.

Nice! Could you tell my wife that? Sarah Harbaugh. If you could just let her know that, that would be huge.

Do your game day khakis differ from your going out to dinner khakis, or your lounge khakis?

No. Just pretty much the same one. That’s the best part about them. You can go anywhere and be dressed appropriately: game day, or church, or out to dinner. The movies. I can workout in my khakis. And do. They’re similar to sweatpants. Coaching, [they’re] great because they’ve got pockets to put your pens and scripts. Chewing gum. Et cetera.

So you’ll go running in those?

Yeah. If I work out, I stay with the khakis.

And lounging?

Mhm. All-purpose.

The chameleon of the pant world.

They make me feel good, too. Like I have a uniform. I always liked having a uniform. Growing up, when I was playing baseball, or hockey, or football. Always nice to have a uniform. Felt like part of the team.

So, Harbaugh feels as if he’s wearing his own personalized uniform when donning khakis. Makes sense. But did he wear them to his recent colonoscopy? Of course he did.

Much like his frequently unhinged sense of over-competitiveness (more on that here and here), Harbaugh’s very identity is now inextricably tied to those beloved khakis. The notion that he actually wears them while exercising only adds to the Harbaugh-ian legend.

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