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Chris Paul hangs with son on Clippers bench during blowout win (pic)

Things got so out of hand during the Los Angeles Clippers’ 133-109 blowout of the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday night that Chris Paul was allowed to enjoy some quality time with his son on the bench.

And it wasn’t only in the waning moments of the game, either. Christopher Jr. was sitting on his father’s lap with over five minutes remaining in a game that had long since gotten out of hand.

Paul once stated he would consider early retirement to spend more time with his kids, Chris Jr. and daughter Camryn. But if he is allowed to simply hang with his children during a game, perhaps that’s not necessary.

It was like the NBA version of “Take Your Child to Work Day” or something. The NBA probably has some sort of policy against anyone outside of team coaches, player and staff — including player’s children — chilling on the bench. But for one night, perhaps the Association will let it slide.