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Croatian man sends email to MLB teams, asks why he should root for them

An American sports-loving man in Croatia who follows the NBA and NFL who wants to get into baseball sent emails to all 30 MLB teams asking why he should root for them.

The man posted the results of his mass correspondence in a reddit post:

I’m from Croatia and I don’t know a thing about baseball, but since the new season is almost here, I want to fulfil [sic] my dream of becoming a baseball fan, since I’m already a big fan of NBA and NFL. I thought that following and supporting one MLB team would be the best way for me to understand the rules and everything connected with baseball. But since I don’t live in the USA, I don’t feel connected to any team.

… I sent 30 e-mails to every MLB team asking them why should I be their long-life supporter. Only seven teams responded in one week (others sent automatic responses or nothing at all).

The teams that did reply — the Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners, Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers — sent messages of varying persuasiveness, some detailed, some not so much (the content of each email response can be read here).

The Phillies, however, sent the most interesting reply, in which it is essentially stated the team won’t bend over backwards to convince a fan to support their squad.

Mr. ___:

While we appreciate the support of all of our fans, the reason for choosing one team versus another is a strictly personal reason. We do not try to ‘sell’ fans, rather we allow them the opportunity to choose to follow the Phillies for their own myriad of reasons.

Good luck with your choice.

Sheesh. There’s a good chance this Croatian fellow won’t be picking the Phillies, that’s for sure.

It will be interesting to see if the gentlemen provides updates if and when any additional MLB teams reply to his inquiry. But given the content of the respective correspondences, the leaders in the clubhouse should be the Orioles (most lengthy, detailed response) and the Indians (most impassioned reply).

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