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Did Colin Kaepernick troll Donald Trump with Meals on Wheels donation?

Colin Kaepernick recently donated $50,000 to Meals on Wheels as part of a $500,000 payout in a continuation of his many charitable endeavors, per a tweet from NFL media’s Ian Rapoport.

The fact the currently unemployed quarterback continues to perform positive public works via donations obviously is no surprise.

And yet, the confluence of recent events lends to the possibility that Kaepernick’s sizable donation to Meals on Wheels was a troll-job on Donald Trump.

A mostly one-sided “feud” between Trump and Kaepernick started last fall. On the campaign trail at the time, Trump harshly criticized Kaepernick over the quarterback’s national anthem protests, saying Kaepernick “should find a country that works better for him,” among other things.

Recent reports suggested NFL teams are wary of signing Kaepernick over concern it will prompt Trump to cast a negative light on the organization, a notion Trump recently took great pride in discussing during a recent speech.

The nature of the Meals on Wheels angle is how Trump’s proposed budget allegedly cuts funding to said community service program, although that is not set in stone by any stretch. It could be reasonably inferred Kaepernick’s donation could be a commentary on the budgetary move.

While the timing of Kaepernick’s Meals on Wheels donation is unclear and may have occurred before Trump’s most recent commentary concerning the quarterback, it’s still entirely possible Trump’s long-running criticism of Kaepernick served as worthwhile inspiration for the charitable act.