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Someone is sending NBA players personalized potatoes (pics)

A unknown entity is behind a bizarre development this week where a handful of NBA players have received personalized potatoes in the mail.

The development started to become known on Wednesday when Dallas Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki took to Twitter to express gratitude over receiving the super-special spud.

But ever since Nowitzki went public with his tater tribute, several other NBA players similarly have taken to Twitter to reveal they too have received personalized potatoes. Indiana Pacers forward C.J. Miles, Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside and Charlotte Hornets big man Frank Kaminsky have all been recipients of the off-the-wall token.

Weird stuff.

However, instead of some unhinged, potato-obsessed NBA fan being responsible for the spud salutes, another more plausible explanation has emerged.

The responsible party in all likelihood are the entrepreneurs behind Potato Parcel, a concept pitched on “Shark Tank” that was mocked and ridiculed by one of the panelists … who just so happens to be Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Whatever the nature behind the weirdness, we can probably look forward to other NBA players coming forward to celebrate their very own personalized potatoes.

What a world.