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Clint Frazier offered free haircuts for entire Yankees career

Clint Frazier last week at long last accepted his fate and succumbed to a draconian New York Yankees policy and had his red, curly, mop top of a hairstyle trimmed back.

The much ballyhooed haircut developed into a major spring training talker (more on that here and here), but it looks like Frazier may ultimately benefit from the coverage.

How? A New York men’s hair salon has offered Frazier free haircuts as long as he’s wearing Yankee pinstripes.

Truman’s Gentleman’s Groomers took to Twitter this week to detail the offer to the 22-year-old Yankees prospect.

The letter, signed by John Esposito, co-founder of Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers, reads:

Dear Clint,

Your signature red mane may be history, but now you are a part of Yankee history! Think about all the guys that have done it before you… Jeter, Rivera, Posada.

You’ve certainly proven that you have what it takes to be an all-star on the field, now let us help make sure you maintain an all-star look off the field. For as long as you are wearing the classic pinstripes, we’d like to offer you an open invitation to complimentary classic services at Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers.

We’re huge fans and would love to have you come by one of our NYC locations for a cut, shave, shoe shine and massage and send you off with a season’s supply of Truman’s Protector Shave Cream, Cleaner Shampoo, Finisher Control Paste and more.

We’ll keep a spot open for you on deck – let us know what you think.

Best of luck this year and Go Yanks!

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

The Yankees’ longstanding grooming policy — instituted by George Steinbrenner in 1973 — of course prohibits facial hair below the lip, long sideburns and hair past the shoulders.

But from the looks of it, Frazier won’t have to worry about adhering to the policy, thanks to free haircuts.

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