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Charles Barkley criticizes Donald Trump for not doing Tourney bracket (vid)

Charles Barkley not surprisingly has some strong opinions on Donald Trump, as is often the case with most everything when it comes to the outspoken NBA analyst. Even less surprising, Barkley hasn’t held back in expressing said opinions, as he is wont to do concerning matters inside and outside the world of basketball.

Barkley hasn’t held back in being critical of Trump throughout the campaign and into the first months of the new presidency. And just recently, Barkley criticized Trump over the decision not to fill out a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, among other things.

Barack Obama of course filled out a presidential bracket every March Madness, and it was something of a hit with basketball fans. It was revealed last month that Trump “politely declined” to continue the tradition and Barkley finds fault in that decision.

“Of course he should,” Barkley told a TMZ camera crew over the weekend when asked if Trump should fill out a bracket. “Every President has. He should do the bracket.”

While Barkley’s claim that every president has filled out brackets isn’t entirely accurate, he also was critical of the Trump administration’s travel ban and the president’s proclivity for tweeting.

But it wasn’t all politics, though, as Barkley also weighed in on his feud with LeBron James earlier this NBA season, although he indicated that is all in the past.

And as far as the Tourney is concerned? Barkley says he “might go with North Carolina” to win it all.