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Mets teammate: Tim Tebow is ‘so far behind on the nuances of the game’

Tim Tebow’s major-league debut at spring training Wednesday was inauspicious at best, an utter disaster at worst. One of Tebow’s New York Mets teammates, in reaction to his underwhelming performance, put it plainly when explaining what exactly went wrong.

“He’s so far behind on the nuances of the game,” said Mets outfielder Jay Bruce, via ESPN’s Scott Lauber. “It’s not like he wasted his time. He’s been doing other worthwhile things. Just not playing and understanding the game of baseball at a very, very high level.”

While delicately put, it’s an unflattering assessment to say the least. Bruce, along with Curtis Granderson, apparently counseled Tebow the dugout during the game, presumably about those aforementioned shortcomings.

In his debut, Tebow went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts, grounded into a double play and was picked off on first on a line out when he reached base after getting plunked.

But what happened ahead of his first at-bat was particularly troubling from a “nuance” perspective.

Tebow made a weird gaffe when he started to warm-up in the Boston Red Sox’s on-deck circle before facing Rick Porcello. Tebow was quickly waved back to the Mets dugout and informed of his mistake. Porcello even thought Tebow was the ballboy.

“I thought you walk around [to the first-base side of the field] because you’re a left-hander,” Tebow said. “I found out that you don’t do that.”

Such a minor misstep certainly isn’t a be-all, end-all, but Tebow clearly lacks the experience one would expect out of a player competing at the major-league level. In fact, Tebow’s entire foray into baseball at the age of 29 has been a microcosm that illustrates his inexperience.

When Tebow didn’t land a coveted invite to big-league camp, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said Tebow would “be around” and see some action with the major leaguers. That obviously has come to fruition. And it appears the Mets will continue to put Tebow out there, although reports Friday are particularly troubling.

Tebow last month said he was “real excited” for spring training. One has to wonder if he still feels the same way.

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