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Clint Frazier accepts fate and Yankee policy, gets a haircut (pic)

New York Yankees prospect Clint Frazier, whose long and curly red hair ran afoul of team policy, finally accepted the inevitable and succumbed to a serious grooming session on Friday morning.

Frazier, 22, knew the day would come sooner rather than later, so when a barber was brought in to George M. Steinbrenner Field complex, the power-hitting prospect accepted his fate and went under the clippers.

Hey, perhaps Frazier’s new hairstyle will make him more attractive to a certain Instagram model he’s been chasing. That’s something.

It obviously was a foregone conclusion that Frazier would have to part with his curly locks. It’s something he acknowledged early on in spring training.

“I like my hair, but I love playing for this organization,” said Frazier, via the New York Post. “It was starting to be a distraction. It’s time to look like everybody else around here.”

The Yankees’ longstanding grooming policy — instituted by George Steinbrenner when he bought the team in 1973 — prohibits facial hair below the lip, long sideburns and hair past the shoulders. It has become a major talker this spring training as one current Yankee seems to be flouting the policy.

Another MLB superstar rumored to be in the Yankees’ sights in 2018, who has a real affinity for his current grooming and style, will have to confront the same issue as Frazier if he hopes to don pinstripes.

There may come a day when the Yankees’ arguably draconian hair policy will come to pass. But from the looks of it, odds are good that day isn’t coming anytime soon Just ask Frazier.